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Terri Allen

Certified Group Exercise Instructor Certified Personal Trainer

Creator of Box-N-Funk and Get It Dance.  Licensed Zumba® Instructor in Zumba®, ZumbaCircuit andZumba Core™(Zumba Fitness, LLC) Licensed Fierce4 Instructor and Insanity Instructor. Also teach Hip Hop, Hip Hop Cardio, Kickbox and Christian Dance


Box-n-Funk- A kickboxing and cardio format.  Terri Allen combines the excitement of hip hop music with the calorie burning and intensity of kick boxing moves to the best full bodied class around. You will work all major muscle groups with an emphasis on shoulders, triceps, biceps, gluts and abs while increasing your cardio and core strength.


Zumba- Low-intensity and hi-intensity moves for a interval-style, calorie burning dance format.  Once the Latin and World rhythms take over you will enjoy a total workout.  Zumba combines all elements of fitness -cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosting energy.


Tone - Up- Improve your strength and tone your body in Tone Up. Build muscle and improve bone density, burn calories and boost metabolism. Shape and tone your body from head to toe using hand weights, body bars and your own body weight.



20 - The best of both worlds. 20 minutes of Zumba, 20 minutes of Box-n-Funk and 20 minutes of Tone Up. 



Friday Nite Heat- A mix of Hip hop and Latin grooves to high energy dance cardio





Day   Time     Class Type Location  
Monday   5:30P     Box-N-Funk 1028 Paseo Kansas City
    7:00P     Get It Dance

1028 Paseo

Kansas City

Wednesday   5:30P    

Get It Dance

1028 Paseo

Kansas City

Friday    5:30P     Friday Nite Heat 1028 Paseo Kansas City  
Saturday   8:30A     Get It Dance 1028 Paseo Kansas City  













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