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I can not say enough how much Terri Allen has inspired me. I have never been motivated to even think about working out, but Terri has the drive and energy and has kept me on track for over a year now!

 Terri is a “powerhouse” and not only does she motivate in class, she motivates with healthy cooking classes, her own fitness clothing line and a journal that keep you accountable on a daily basis.  Terri is not just a “talker”, you often see her working out as well.

Terri and her Zumba, Box n Funk and even the floor exercises (not my favorite J)has assisted me in my weight loss of 127 pounds and that has been a life change for me.   

I am grateful  for Terri Allen!

Jenny H


Working out with Terri Allen was the best choice I ever made. From the day I walked into her studio I felt welcome and at home. Terri is an awesome motivator always making me feel like I can do more, when I think I can't. My body feels great and my health is much better!  My blood pressure is down and I feel stronger!  But most of all it doesn't feel like a workout it feels like fun!  Katie W.



'I worked out last night at Fit Nation and participated in a Zumba Circuit class lead by Terri Allen. If you are in the process of maintaining or your're trying to transform your body, this is the place to be!"

Tina G

I was always afraid to join Zumba.  I didn't think I could do it.  I joined the Senior Zumba group and had the most wonderful experience.  Terri Allen is our instructor.  Wow...what a teacher.  She is the right person for the job.  She gets us all going and makes us work but at the same time she keeps it moving and we have so much fun.  At 71 years old, I feel great and look forward to class every Monday from 9:00 to 10:00.  Besides being healthier, the friendships I have made with others in the class and Terri Allen, I feel it has made my life so much happier.  Join us and see what you think.


Mary Ann P.

Had the pleasure of having Terri Allen as a Health Advisor has been amazing.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis years back and she saw the need to introduce me to some zumba moves that I could handle, body exercise stretches and nutritional ways to eat better balanced meals. I am grateful for her awareness of what my body needs



Gayla J

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